About SD36 Republicans

We are the local Republican party of the Brooklyn Park, Champlin, and Coon Rapids area. The Senate District 36 Republican Party is a BPOU which covers numerous precincts. We host caucuses and conventions to endorse candidates.


The local party is your entry point into the political process.

  • Attend the caucus and conventions
  • Select and elect candidates
  • Become a party officer and committee member, or volunteer



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Our organization is run entirely by citizen volunteers from your area. Join with your neighbors in the cause for individual liberty: Contact Us



Acronyms  (From CD2 Republicans):


SD -Stands for Senate District.  Each Senate District sends one Senator to the Minnesota Legislature.


BPOU - Stands for Basic Political Operating Unit.  BPOUs are local political parties, and are assigned to individual senate districts or counties.  The BPOU is the smallest unit of political organization and is the group you'll caucus with early in an election year.  It consists of several precincts, but depending on population density it's geographical size can vary. 


HD - Stands for House District.  Each House District sends one Representative to the Minnesota Legislature.  Two House Districts make up one Senate District.


CD - Stands for Congressional District.  Each Congressional District sends one Representative to the US House.  It consists of a number of BPOUs, and each BPOU sends delegates to help nominate a candidate.


RPM - Stands for Republican Party of Minnesota, and is the state governing body of the Minnesota Republican Party.


RNC - Stands for Republican National Committee and is the national governing body of the Republican Party.

"The World Belongs to Those Who Show Up"

Minnesota House of Representatives:

Mark Uglem          (R)   36A

Melissa Hortman  (D)   36B


Minnesota State Senate:

John Hoffman      (D)   SD36


United States House of Representatives:

Erik Paulsen          (R)    CD3


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Republican Party of Minnesota


MN House Republican Caucus


Our Endorsed Candidates for the 2016 Election Cycle:

House District 36A

Mark Uglem


House District 36B

Peter Crema


State Senate District 36

Jeffrey Lunde



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